"Tip, all I wanna do is feel love, Even if I know it ain’t real love, Even if I know a nigga only finna hit it And then never call back, I still fuck."

….. Relevant as fuck.


Fuck yes memories back then

Anonymous asked:

What happens when a Scorpio falls in love? :)

Galaxy Crusader. Answer:


It’s pretty all consuming! I’ve said this before but Scorpio love is really painful. In fact, a lot of positive emotions are painful for Scorpio. The phrase “I love you so much that it hurts” really fits this sign. They get so intrigued by who they’re falling for that they think about them all the time, want to know everything about them, think of them as this beautiful mystery that they want to unfold. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but when I fall for someone, I want to know their negative traits? There’s something about other people’s darkness that is really intriguing to Scorpio. We want people that are aware of themselves, who know what’s good about them and know what they need to work on. Scorpios can be pretty shy or wary when first beginning to like someone… They’ll find out things that the other person likes and will casually mention it in conversation to get closer to them. They’ll try to win the other person’s trust, and will be a little bit more open about who they are around this person. But if they get their heart broken, they can be really wary about falling in love again.They might seem like they’re unemotional and incapable of love, but in reality, they’re terrified. No one gets heartbroken like a Scorpio, unfortunately. I hope this pleases you! xx